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There is an ancient belief, we can call upon the spirit of an animal...

...and that animals spirit will assist us. A statement like this, might at first, sound a little 'out there', but hear me out if you will; although you may ask, what on Earth, this has to do with chick lit, the genre I'm presently penning? Well, you see, it all began with one of my characters, procuring a pair of tigers slippers; Thor and Thalia, by name, in case you're wondering, who later on, in the story, are involved in rescuing a second heroine, from some compromising situations, including the insidious grasp of the beauty industry.

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Because the parallel couldn't help but strike my imagination, between a caged or maligned creature, like Tiger and the manner in which, we, as women, are primed to be tame and kept psychologically, if not physically 'in our places' and expected to invest such a large proportion of our time and resources into 'looking pretty', rather than any other endeavour that would serve us or the world.
And don't get me wrong, I love clothes and I love shoes, (mind you, preferably ones I can walk in) and I wear makeup, when 'I' feel like it, but the pressure to conform, to so called 'unrealistic beauty standards', makes something primal in me bristle. They are not 'unrealistic', they are irrelevantAfterall, it is our brains and not our bodies, which primarily evolved to make us the awesome, self aware, creative, beings which we are, 'Homo Sapiens' meaning, 'Wise Man' ahem, ahem! and 'Wise Woman' if you please!
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So here we stand today, with only three thousand tigers left in the wild and an estimated twenty  million women having undergone cosmetic plastic surgery in 2015. That's three million years of evolution, heading for extinction, in the case of Tiger and women increasingly, looking to the plastic surgeon, to improve upon Mother Natures design of two million years.
So, I look into the eyes of Tiger and think, 'fair sex' be damned! We can call upon the spirit of Tiger, to come to our aid, whenever some advert, trying to sell us the latest beauty ideal, tells us, that we aren't good enough...what? two million years of evolution here baby! and perhaps, we, in turn, can save the magnificent creature that is Tiger, before it's too late. We need to reclaim our own wildness and we need to protect wild things. So, altogether now, on the count of three, one, two, three, 'RAAAAAAAR!'
Thanks for taking a look : ) Have a great week!
Sophie X
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*Title of blog, taken from this poem by William Blake