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I got my ebook covers created this week, nothing too posh! as...

...this venture is very much a first foray into self publishing, for me, but I still love them, so couldn't wait to give you a look!You might need your sunglasses as they are a tad psychedelic, it has to be said! but do you not agree, they are virtual eye candy? though, granted I am biased! There's four cover's in all, because I'll be publishing my story, in four parts, the entirety amounting to a full length novel, but I thought they might be more fun to read in bite sized parts.

 cover 3d 1
 cover 3d 2
 cover 3d 3
 cover 3d 4

I'm hoping they also sum up the tone of the book, in that they are meant to be sort of tongue in cheek! so don't be too mislead or judge a book by it's cover too hastily ; ) ; ) Part One will be available to download from Amazon, very soon, FREE for a limited period. Check back here or follow me on Twitter below, if you're curious : )

 Thanks a million for taking a peek!

Sophie X

ps. In case anyone else may be looking to get an ebook cover, I got mine created by the incredibly helpful and patient, Andrew at , who I would highly recommend!