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 blog 4 b&w   floral 4  Throwing out some thought’s this week, about stories... I was thinking, about a book I read, called the ‘The Seven Basic Plots’, by Christopher Booker;  his hyposthesis being, that stories take the place of instinct in human beings.

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An astounding hypothesis if you really think about it, but one which I believe holds true, humans being unique in the animal kingdom, in that, we are’nt born with a set of instincts but absorb a way of being in the world, a language and a culture etc. from our parents or caregivers as babies, although, as we get older then, we have more conscious control over who we are and can learn a new language or adher to or discard the cultural myth’s we were brought up with.

When I refer to stories I mean, the stories we tell ourselves in our heads, the stories we read in books and magazines, the soaps and films we watch and the lyrics we brainwash ourselves with, on a daily basis. These stories make us weep, warn us, comfort us, cause us to laugh out load and delight us. These stories also effect our sense of self, help us make sense of the world around us, and open our minds to new possibilities. In other words, stories effect the way we think and feel, which in turn effects the choices we make.

And the influence of stories, doesn’t appear to stop there, as neuroscience seems to be discovering, that the thoughts we think, effect the very physical structure of our brains, as myelin is build up and our brains rewired.

For these reasons, I believe that stories can truly alter who we become, how our individual lives unfold, how our culture unfolds and consequently, even how the evolution of humanity itself unfolds.

Of course, not all stories fall into this category, but I believe that the ones that really matter do, and why I believe stories like 'Pride and Predudice', 'Harry Potter' or even 'Bridget Jones', have such an impact. They seep into our culture and our consciousness and light the way.

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So, lofty thoughts for a Saturday evening and very much appreciate you stopping by my blog! off to tweet some and then do a bit of editing on the book I’m presently penning and hoping to share, soon (nothing remotely as profound lol only an attempt at some comedic rambling’s.)

Have a wonderful week : )

Sophie X