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blog 6 b&w   floral 6 My organic makeup arrived this week and I can now vouc for it...

...being absolutely fab to use as wellas being wonderful in ethos.The brand name is ‘Zao’, seemingly a combination of the words Zen and Tao, not that I’m swayed by fancy names, being one of those people who scour the full list of ingredients in stuff, but this appears to be the real deal, totally organic and free from all toxic chemicals. Cost me a bit but no more than your average makeup range.

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I got;

Silk foundation: Ivory for £29.95, spread easily, gave medium coverage and felt silkier to the touch, on my skin, than my usual foundation. Also, looked less shiny, which I preferred.

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Blush: Brown orange for £20.95, loved this, though must invest in a makeup brush, as I've been using a paint brush, as a substitute for, the past few years.

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Mascara: Dark brown, for £16.95, which I haven't got yet, as there was a wee note in the package saying it would be sent on next week, so I'll edit this then.

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Eyepencil: Taupe grey for £9.95, lovely quality and liked the colour, which was muted but still gave adequate definition, my days of heavy black eyeliner and panda eyes, well behind me.

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Lipstick: Dark nude, for £15.50, not too vivid, yet vivid enough with a subtle sheen, to make me feel, just a little bit of a glamour pus. I plan to experiment with olive oil and cherries or summit at some stage, but this seems the next best thing until I get around to that.

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So, overall, in my opinion, the quality of this makeup, was as good or better than any of the regular brands I’ve used over the years, like Clinique or Lancome, although after trying it only once I did get the impression that it perhaps, wore off a little quicker, but that doesn’t bother me personally. Another thing I noticed, was that, being the lazy article I am, I didn’t bother to wash it off until the following day but instead of giving me the few overnight pimples, which my usual makeup generally, does when I don’t wash it off, this had my skin, actually, feeling and looking nicer.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to say, that I especially loved the packaging, as it’s eco friendly bamboo and as well as being beautiful, they sell refills, which I think is awesome.

My top favourite thing about this makeup brand however, is the fact that it’s cruelty free and hasn’t been tested on animals or doesn't contain any animal products whatsoever in it’s ingredients.

I’ll leave you with the link in case anyone else is curious (They deliver internationally)

 Thanks for stopping by! and wishing you a wonderful week : )

Sophie X