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b&w twitter   floral 8  Having been off twitter for a while, I felt like penning this today...My Ode to Twitter!  


I love nothing so much in the whole world, it's true,

So Twitter I’ve written this ditty for you,

knobs galore between Keyes and Cavill ,oh my!

Enough to give anyone a twitterphoria high;

And yes, I’ll admit, there have been some attwactions

But I behaved with decorum & censored my actions;

Though will confess to a tweesome, a couple of times and ok,

I’ve dwunk dweeted, but I blame the wine;

Here a word in all seriousness, on which I insist,

Don't call me a tweeple! I'm a people! so desist!

Ah, but the twiends, I dream someday I’ll meet,

You are close to my heart and the reason I tweet

So, kisses & hugs #insert emoticon here,

Off to get lost in the twittersphere!


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Ps. Dear Henry Cavill,

Please accept my apology for once again remarking upon your, em ‘bits’. I try, to be good but it’s not easy when I see those big blue eyes and those biceps and well, those tights, which enhance certain aspects of your physique, in a most distracting manner…oh dear, I digress….as I was saying, please accept my abject apology and I promise never, to mention your biceps or any of your other, um, ‘bulges’ ever again and will henceforth, behave myself……as best I can….I love you Henry, Sophie X

Pps. Dear Marian Keyes,

‘Rachel’s Holiday’ was the very first ‘womens, intelligent, funny, fiction!’ I ever read and eversince I have been completely hooked on ‘wiff’! so I love you too X (though, not in the same way I love Henry Cavill), Marian Keyes fan X

Happy week all! Sophie X

Ppps. Dear, ‘all of my twiends’, I really did miss you X

Oh, and had fun browsing these!