BLOG 9: LUCY DOYLE EXHIBITION (Ps. please excuse 'the head on me' in the photo at the end : ~)

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I attended an exhibition this week, by artist Lucy Doyle and am bursting to share some of my photos of her art with you...

...I’ve attended many of Lucy’s exhibitions and standing in a room full of Lucy Doyle’s, I got the same feeling, I always do; Ah, pipes up some sense inside of me, this is the work of, what author, Clarissa Pinkola Estes, calls a ‘wild woman’, which she describes  thus;

‘Within every woman, there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity and ageless knowing. Her name is: Wild Woman.’

Lucy’s paintings are very feminine, vivid colours, sumptuous impasto, sensual female figures in pretty floral dresses; and then there is something else entirely, a sense of structure and solidness, not to mention the self assured and at times almost defiant gazes of the women and accompanying creatures. Perhaps Clarissa Pinkola Estes would say, something to do with the feminine in touch with her inner masculine, in the way, Van Gogh was in touch with his inner feminine, otherworldly and earthy, all at the same time. I got the opportunity to speak with the artist also; elegant and refined, and like her painting’s, with an air of knowing, wild woman, about her. So, without further ado, feast your eyes!









lucyb11 lucyb12



And I was thrilled to get Lucy's autograph beside one my favourite painting's in the catalogue : )

Also, I have to tell you! for anyone who may be, as besotted as myself, with Lucy Doyle’s work, there are now, available a limited selection of Lucy Doyle silk scarves, here!:

Ps. Of course, I couldn’t conclude this blog, without mentioning my former twitter friend Deena, from London and now friend in real life too!!! who accompanied me. Please excuse the quality of the pic! it was very late and ok  : ~ we were pissed...

deena and me

 Thanks for taking a look! : ) Sophie X