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blog 10 floral 1 floral o Somewhat upset today, after a distressing diagnosis...
...well, self diagnosis but I googled it and there can be no mistaking that I do indeed have this condition.
  • Is my condition life threatening, you may be wondering? nope.
  • Does it hurt? nope.
  • Are there any horrible side effects, that make me loose my appetite? nope.
  • Leave me listless? nope.
  • Diarrhea? hives? nope, nope.

But it is nevertheless a medical condition, which I can now, go to my GP and request a prescription for an fda approved drug, to treat.

So, what is this troubling condition, you ask. Well, it’s called ‘Hypotrichosis’. ‘Hypo-what?’ you say? Ohh, that does sound serious, whatever is it?

I’ll tell you what it is, in laywomens speak, fancy terminology aside; it means, ‘inadequete or not enough eyelashes.’ Yep! that’s it! ‘short eyelashes.’

Anyway, best be off to get that prescription and in the meantime, hoping a pair of falsies will suffice…although, still, not completely au fait, with the concept of putting glue on my eyelids and seemingly the above mentioned drug comes with the teeny side effects, of potentially turning my eyes a different colour, burning, itching or swelling, oops! but one must suffer for beauty, yes?

Ahahahahahahaha! yeah right! I’m not a camel and I don’t live in the desert, so I’ll find something else to flutter when flirting and any man, woman, or eyelash expert that tells me otherwise, can take a running jump. 

Follically challenged I am and follically challenged I will happily remain to the end of my days! so there! ; ) ; )

Wishing everyone a nice weekend and thanking you kindly for reading my waffle : )

Sophie X