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Pondering on my skincare routine today...

...thinking, was I really one of those people, who believed, I had to invest in a million, so-hyped 'magical' potions to 'fix' my face? Freckles! 'Why God, did you afflict me in this manner?' *invests in a load of carcenogenic tanning lotions* That is, until the truth dawned on me, that the adage really is true;

'It's not what you look at, it's what you see'.

I do, however, like my skin to look its best and blemish free (and I protest that my freckles are not blemishes! despite the odd jest I might have at their expense, which they don't mind as they have a great sense of humour, but I love them now.) So, after ditching all of the overly priced, fancily named creams and lotions, I needed a new skincare routine and that's when I discovered coconut oil and lavender soap;

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1. I drink two to three litres of bottled water each day,  (and I know drinking from plastic, isn't the ideal but I wouldn't touch the flouride laden offering, here in ireland).

2. I wash my face once or twice a day (miss a day here and there whe I can't be bothered) with lavender soap and hot water, as the hot water opens up my pores and the lavender soap deeply cleanses and acts as an astrigent. Tightens skin and no more blackheads in one! If I've been wearing makeup, I simply spread  coconut oil on my face, and wipe it off with a face cloth, beforehand.) Twice as week or whenever I feel like it I also scrub my face with a hot wet facecloth to exfoliate.

3. I splash my face with cold water, after washing, because cold water acts as a natural toner, closing my pores.

4. Twice a week or more or less, depending on how dry or not my skin feels, I apply coconut oil with wet palms.And thats it! It's cheaper, takes up less time and I can honestly say, has my skin looking better than it has in years, as well as being eco friendly and cruelty free.I also use coconut oil, (again, just a dab on wet palms) as a base for my organic makeup.

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And that's it! definitely the simplest skincare routine ever! and I must conclude by thanking my lovely twitter pal @momacrosby for the coconut oil tip!

Thanks for taking a look : ) Sophie X