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My musing’s this week, prompted by the Twitter controversy...

...between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift, that is, Nicki Minaj's tweet:

‘If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid each year.’

Taylor Swifts response;

‘I’ve done nothing but love and support you. It’s unlike you to pit women, against each other’.

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So, I watched their respective videos, ‘Anaconda’ and ‘Bad blood’ to check out what all the fuss was about,  especially as I had heard of both videos, being touted as ‘feminist.’ I had to conclude that, ultimately, neither struck me as such. Watching ‘Anaconda’ well, I just wished Minaj would don a little more clothing and could have imagined her posing in various different outfits, celebrating the awesome Diva which she is, all woman for sure, and more importantly, ozzing confidence and comfortable in her own skin, with a bad ass attitude, to match her physique.

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But while I applaud her for her assertion that her bodytype, is beautiful and sexy, she lost me, at her reference to ‘skinny bitches’, assuming feminism, encompasses all women. On the other hand, watching the equally beautiful Taylor Swift strutting her stuff in ‘Bad Blood’, all leggy and graceful, with a ‘don’t mess with me’ look, any feminist would be proud of, by the end of the video I just felt like pulling her alter ego, aside and saying,  

‘Even if you 'are' a Superhero, haven't you heard that killing your friends,  isn’t the only way to deal with a spat.’

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In short, ‘Anaconda’ , struck me as, somewhat prehistoric, harking back to a time when women, were valued for their butts alone. Swifts ‘Bad Blood’, (and let me say that, I have so much admiration for both Taylor Swift and her music, 1989 being the first album I’ve bought in over a decade), made me shudder, at the thought of some futuristic, transhuman, world, where an icy feminity rules, complete with high tech weapons, to take out the enemy. Not the brand of feminity we need going forward and not what Swift seems to stand for in reality.

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More to the point, both video’s, with the exception of the awesome Lena Durham, making an appearance in ‘Bad Blood’, celebrate one body type only. My conclusion; in the war against the media’s distortion of what it means to be a woman, there appears to be a clammering, me! me! I’m this size or this shape and I’m beautiful too! perhaps a necessary phase, but time  I think, for us to stop dissing, either directly or indirectly, our equally, beautiful sisters, in the process, and honour instead the diversity that is womankind. Afterall, a rose doesn’t compete with a lilly.

Thanks for taking a look : ) Sophie X