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Some of my favourite YOU TUBE videos..

1)  This first video, is one of my all time favourite TED talks *chortle* :

blog 17 tracey spicer

I like however, the way Tracy Spicer, concludes by commenting, that she isn't being prescriptive and that each of us, make our own choices about these things. For myself, I’ve decided to dump the nail varnish, but haven’t ditched the peroxide yet.

2)  This next video, goes to show, just how far photoshopping has distorted our idea of feminity:

blog 17 photoshop

3)  A spoken word poem, which moved me, as I can still vividly recall the first time I tried on my own ‘makeup mask’, feeling a new sense of power and a simultaneous giving away of my power. The single biggest question which consumed me, thereafter my cultural initiation into womanhood, for many, many years, became; what do boys like? and what must I do to make boys like me? All of the pursuits I had enjoyed, up to that point, took second place to shopping for clothes and cosmetics.

blog 17 savannah brown square

4) And some songs that I find inspiring, the first being Demi Lovata’s ‘Believe in me’ : ) 

blog 17 demi lovato shutterstock

5) And finally, this song!

blog 17 colbie

 Yup, times are changing ; ) ; ) Thanks for taking a look!

 Love Sophie XXX