You were born to run!  'You were born to run!'

I enjoyed running until a surgery made physical activity impossible for a time and I thought that I would never run again. Now, with the help of herbs, I run when I can and it’s the best feeling in the world. So, my personal love of running got me thinking and I did some research on the topic of running and human evolution. The first thing I discovered was the hypothesis that running was the reason we evolved certain physical characteristics, like our ability to stay cool by sweating rather than panting, making humans one of the best suited creatures for endurance running on the planet! Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the research I came across, however, is the theory that running was also involved in the evolution of our human brains because running effects all sorts of things, like neurogenesis, improving the growth of new neurons! mind blowing stuff, literally! It is speculated that these physiological modifications, came about as our ancestors needed to scavenge for food and out run other mammals and later for persistence hunting. Consequently, due to lifestyle and adaptations in a particular environment, over millions of years we were all born to run, which in turn effects how our brains are wired! The question is, will we switch from our increasingly sedentary lifestyles of the present day to embrace our birthright? I, for one, hope so because I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one! Thanks for reading : ) You can click the link above or the links below for more blogs, more about me, products I use & my children's website:

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