Breakfast potatoes   Breakfast potatoes

Potatoes for breakfast you say! Surely not! Yes, potatoes for breakfast have become a thing and what I have for my own breakfast most mornings. Spuds for breakfast would never have occurred to me until I started ‘eating for pain’ after some surgeries and found that a bigger breakfast helped. Other benefits I read about include: they can support brain function and nervous system; help protect against heart disease and cancer; are easy to digest and can help maintain gut health; will give you abundant energy; are helpful for athletic performance and endurance because of the Vitamin B6 content; have anti-inflammatory properties; are a rich source of Kukoamines, a group of blood pressure lowering compounds. *takes a deep breath* Looks at the humble little potato sitting on my plate in a whole different light and feels, just a little awe. How you cook them, however, is important. Deep frying is out, roasting is best. As the skin contains lots of nutrients, avoid peeling and choose a healthy accompaniment. I simply cut them into bite sized chunks, toss them into an ovenproof dish with walnut oil and season with Profusion Himalayan Rose Pink Salt but any sea salt is good. Have them with eggs, poached, scrambled, fried! Biona sugar free, baked beans or serve them with a dollop of hummus, mayonnaise or sweet chilli sauce. Delish! Don’t dis spuds for brekie! You can read more about the humble ‘potangle’ at: You can click the link above or the links below for more blogs, more about me, products I use & my children's website:

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