The Ivy Pub

My first novel, which I hope will make you laugh coming in 2016


The Pub: A recently refurbished establishment, everything about this place is impeccable! Velvet curtains, dark blue upholstery, and the most wonderful prints in lush gold frames. The Four Courts, Trinity College, etc. and my favourite, an artists rendering of the first Irish Parliament.   

Drink: A good old fashioned cup of tea. I choose Irish Earl Grey, from their extensive collection of teas, served in a, be still my beating heart! delicately patterned (an oriental design in blue to match the décor of course) teapot with matching teacups and the sweetest little milk jug in pastel pink! china crush!      

The Crowd: It was very early in the day, so still quiet but I would imagine a pub where anyone is welcome.

Loos:  Zigzaged, cream and blue wallpaper, in keeping with the tasteful décor of the bar area; the attention to detail everywhere, second to none.

Ps. If you're curious about the 1916 Rising check out: 

& you'll find info about a 1916 Rising bus tour here:

Pps. Did I mention the beautiful lillies all about the place? 

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