Butlers Cafe

My first novel, which I hope will make you laugh, coming in 2016


Please excuse the overuse of exclamation marks this week! but OHMIGOD!!!!!! When Harry Met Sally vibes! although, that is not entirely precise because, at no point whatsoever was I faking it! and I realise that Butler's Café is not exactly a pub, as such, but it's delights being equally as intoxicating, qualified for my Pub Crawl. Perhaps, I should call it a pub and chocolate crawl? though I'm not quite sure it has the same ring to it. Anyway, Butler's Cafe qualifies. End of.

So, what can I say? this place is ALL ABOUT THE CHOCOLATE! Baileys crème's, caramel hearts, milk chocolate truffles that melt in your mouth, creamy white confectionaries, with the hump of a hazelnut, resting atop, to tempt...decision made, I chose a white, hazelnut praline for starters! 

*Munch* *crunch* when I hit the hazelnut like...*scrunch* running out of synonyms so consults thesaurus...nibble you suggest! nibble?!!! nibble does not fit in the same sentence as chocolate! Ah, there we go! anihilate!!! That's more like it! *rolls eyes in ecstasy*

Enough said! you get the drift! Roald Dahl, you are a man after my own heart! Chocolate after Every meal! YES! YES! YES! and given it's Eastertime there were bunnies all about the place too and what's not to like about bunnies? *Bonus* all good! *chomp* *chomp* *chomp* : ) Happy chocietime all! 

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