In search of sustainable tableware  In search of sustainable tableware

‘Sustainable’ can be a confusing term, especially when every second product is advertised as sustainable or eco friendly, so I prefer to make up my own mind, based on the following; 1. Do I really need it? 2. Can I find it second hand? 3. How far does it need to be shipped? 5. Was it produced in an environmentally friendly manner with materials that are readily renewable? 6. Is it recyled and can it be recycled? &. Can I resuse it? 8. Is it organic and compostable? Regarding tableware, the list of products I came up with that best fullfill these criteria is; 1. A pretty teatowel, which can suffice for pizza, toast or pastries. 2. Wooden tableware, which is organic and long lasting. 3. Slate plates, also organic. 4. Scalloped shell plates, another organic material. 5. Vintage china and second hand ceramics, which work well for soups or beverages. 6. A selection of second hand or recycled glasses. 7. Bamboo plates, which are organic and suitable for children’s parties and such, although lightweight bamboo won’t last as long as wood. 8. Recycled grease proof paper, that can work for chips or popcorn on the go. As someone who loves the shabby chic look, I think using a variety of materials can also create an attractive eclectic look. Things don’t need to be shiny and new to be beautiful! Ps. except for shoes!!! : ) I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. You can click the link above or the links below for more blogs, more about me, products I use & my children's website: 

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